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The Controlled Chaos

ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

Community Crunch 286: EVO Event, Community Corner, and More! survivetheark.com/index.php?… #playARK Read More Twitter: ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

Minecraft Tweet / @Minecraft

Stock up on capes and practice your most menacing growl: the spooky season is upon us! Explore terrifying dungeons; carve yourself one-third of a snow golem, and wear spine-chilling costumes both in-game and out! Join the Minecraft Spookyfest: ↣ redsto.ne/halloween ↢ Read More Twitter: Minecraft / @Minecraft

#Battlefield 2042 Open Beta starts in one week 🎮 #BattlefieldBeta http://x.ea.com/70479

#Battlefield 2042 Open Beta starts in one week 🎮 #BattlefieldBeta x.ea.com/70479

Developer Briefing #147 – U11 Progress, Menu Animations, HLLSeasonal Competition

U11 The Road Ahead Progress on Update 11 has been coming along nicely with work well underway on some highly anticipated additions. While many of these additions are not quite in a state we feel ready to showcase, we do have some things to share this week. But first we want to give an honourable…