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The Controlled Chaos

ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

Extinction Read More Twitter: ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

Started my tour of Titan Map today! The first thing that caught my eye were the trees! I’m super excited to explore more. Titan Map by: @codigoalex_ Game: @survivetheark #ARKSurvivalEvolved #playARK Read More Twitter: ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

Minecraft Tweet / @Minecraft

Welcome to The Mob Vote! Will Jens find his best buddy? What mobs will you be voting for? Where in the Overworld did Agnes go? What else could possibly go wrong? In the coming days, we’ll provide all the helpful info you’ll need to make your decision at #MinecraftLive on Oct 16! Read More Twitter:…