Tag: 20. Oktober 2021

The Controlled Chaos

ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

We have been silent for a long time! So here we are to reveal some images of new additions that will arrive in the coming weeks. This content was created with ideas from our patreon community. @ZenRowe @ComplexMinded @survivetheark #Alemia #ARK #ARKSurvivalEvolved #cave Read More Twitter: ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

Minecraft Tweet / @Minecraft

It’s true, there are so many things to explore in the Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I! But if you’ve managed to discover all of them, here’s a new challenge while you wait for Part II: learn all the words to this song! Read More Twitter: Minecraft / @Minecraft

ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

カスタム筆で厚塗り練習 Read More Twitter: ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark