Tag: 15. Januar 2022

The Controlled Chaos

Minecraft Tweet / @Minecraft

What a turn out! 121,350 of you voted and we have the results! The Carefree Pigs had the largest roster with 34.3% joining their team! The Plotting Sheep follow up with 22.3% of the vote, Silly Cows with 22.1%, and Flying Chickens at 21.3%! Which four teams will we see next? nitter.net/Minecraft/status/1480600060291211264#m Read More Twitter:…

ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

Community Crunch 299: Holiday Loot Winners, Community Corner, and More! survivetheark.com/index.php?… Read More Twitter: ARK: Survival Evolved / @survivetheark

Minecraft Tweet / @Minecraft

The Silly Cows, Flying Chickens, and Plotting Sheep continue to cut into the Carefree Pigs‘ lead! Have you picked a team you’d like to be on? We hope you choose before the poll ends! ✅ nitter.net/Minecraft/status/1480600060291211264#m Read More Twitter: Minecraft / @Minecraft