DarksideRP Role-playing Event & Return of the Summer Warfare free DLC!

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DarksideRP Role-playing Event & Return of the Summer Warfare free DLC!

Hey everyone,

We hope you’ve had a great week and been enjoying Hell Let Loose following the recent arrival of Patch 16!

The team have been going through everyone’s thoughts and feedback, so thank you for taking the time to share it with us!

Today’s post is just a quick one to highlight two cool things occurring in Hell Let Loose both imminently and right now, so let’s get stuck in shall we…

DarksideRP Content Creator Role-playing Event – Saturday 18th September!

We’re excited to share that DarksideRP, a group of epic Content Creators, are hosting a special event this Saturday – A Hell Let Loose Role-playing event!

That’s right, over 40 Content Creators plus members of their communities and other special guests will be heading to the frontlines for some truly iconic battles as they pair their experience on the frontline with authentic and fun role-playing – Orders must be followed, rank respected and we have no doubt there will be many calls for a MEDIIIIC!!!

There’s even an event trailer that’s well worth checking out:

When, Where and Giveaways!

Date – Saturday, 18th September
Start Time – 14:00 CDT / 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST / 12:00 PT / 15:00 ET
Duration – 3 to 4 hoursThe event will feature dozens of first person perspectives in a range of Roles, depending on who you choose to watch!

There will also be full Admin Cam support to give you a full overview of the battle and drama unfolding. The DarksideRP crew recommended two channels in particular to get you started:

Twitch – Venalis (For that Leadership goodness)
Twitch – Ryforged (For those that want to enjoy the full scope of the frontline in Admin Cam)

Of course there will be a wide range of Broadcasters playing, so if you want to see more Roles in action, or see how the battle is going in certain areas make sure to have a browse through the Hell Let Loose Twitch directory, jump in, say hi and watch the action unfold.

As an added bonus many of the Broadcasters will be doing giveaways throughout the event for their viewers, from full game keys to DLC cosmetics, be sure to tune in for your chance to win!

We’re humbled that the DarksideRP Broadcasters are delving into Hell Let Loose for a huge role-playing match and look forward to watching it all unfold alongside you, so lets go and show them some HLL love tomorrow and enjoy the show!

The Summer Warfare Pack is back!

That’s right, the much requested Summer Warfare pack is back in action for a limited time.

You can grab it for the low, low price of free right here:


Onwards to the weekend!

That wraps up today’s post!

If you’ve just joined us in our ongoing sale, welcome to Hell Let Loose – it’s great to have you with us on the frontline!

Still on the fence? You can take advantage of 25% off Hell Let Loose until September 20th:


Have a great weekend everyone, we’ll see you on the frontline.

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