Developer Briefing #144 – Patch Inbound, PS5 Beta Extension and a Sneak Peek

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Developer Briefing #144 – Patch Inbound, PS5 Beta Extension and a Sneak Peek

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Dev Brief #144!

This week comes bearing great news as we announce the Patch 16 release, extended playtime for PS5 Beta participants and a sneak peek at an upcoming addition to the German armour lineup.

Patch 16 Inbound!
Work is nearing an end as we’re in the final stages of internal testing for Patch 16 which brings a number of QOL changes and large improvements to optimization for both Stalingrad and game-wide experiences. We are very happy with the progress and think you will all find it well worth the wait when it deploys next week on Tuesday the 14th!

The overall optimization process has been quite involved and we decided that a slight extension of coding and testing was warranted to ensure the best performance possible. During this period we were also able to identify additional in-game QOL issues that while we had HLL on the workbench we also looked to address.

With Patch 16 being wrapped up, production towards Update 11 is in full force with the team hard at work on a number of highly anticipated additions that we can’t wait to get into the hands of the players. Keep watching this space as we’ll be covering some of these additions in future Dev Briefs but for now, please feel free to lay your eyes upon this week’s sneak peek of what’s to come.

Sneak Peek Of The Week
Have to say we think this week’s Sneak Peek deserves pole position in today’s brief. We’ll let the pictures do the talking here.

German Panzer IV: Front

German Panzer IV: Side

German Panzer IV In Action

PS5 Closed Beta Continues
After the initial promising start the PS5 beta is still live. Due to the nature of the server fixes that are being deployed it has been decided to leave the beta running to allow us a greater ability to troubleshoot and remedy them.

That aside, the gameplay itself has been received really well by players and we are very optimistic that it will be a smooth transition to console to help widen the audience of Hell Let Loose to those that prefer the console platform. We urge you to continue helping on the testing front and also look at picking up the game on launch.

A lot of people have been asking about Xbox and yes, we can confirm that a release on this platform is coming, you won’t be left out. Due to in-house limitations however we have only been able to run this Beta test for the client on the Playstation platform at the moment.

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos
Time for some more community highlights from the below creators

We highly recommend giving them a watch.
If you see a Video you like make sure to post in the Discord #hll-videos channel.

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It’s not everyday you come across a play like this!
We don’t usually delve into individual plays on Hell Let Loose as often there are so many. However when you come across one like this from Shaka Zulu you just can’t ignore it!

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Short and Sweet this week, it’s time to wrap up today’s Dev Brief. See you all on the frontline!

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