Developer Briefing #147 – U11 Progress, Menu Animations, HLLSeasonal Competition

The Controlled Chaos

Developer Briefing #147 – U11 Progress, Menu Animations, HLLSeasonal Competition

U11 The Road Ahead

Progress on Update 11 has been coming along nicely with work well underway on some highly anticipated additions. While many of these additions are not quite in a state we feel ready to showcase, we do have some things to share this week.

But first we want to give an honourable mention to our Community Manager Jonno, who is sadly leaving his role with us as a HLL CM, after 6 years at Team17. We have had the pleasure to share this journey with him and we feel we speak for the community when we say that he’ll be deeply missed. Join us in thanking Jonno for his service to HLL and the entire community.

We are also very excited about launching on NextGen consoles on the 5th. To stay up to date on all things console make sure to follow us on our socials and jump into the Discord.


Over the course of development we have had several iterations of weapon optics in game. Trying to find a well rounded solution for HLL has proven to be challenging. We tried different techniques to solve certain issues like sniper scope jitter, artifacting or reticle misalignments in different stances. Essentially, as we solved one thing we broke another.

Our aim as always when we revisit something is to improve this experience as much as we can, this means we need to make sure that when you use a sniper scope or your binoculars, we make serious QOL improvements from the current implementation. We are working on a simplified version that we hope will solve as many issues as possible while maintaining a fun & satisfying experience. We will be testing this in the next PTE, where we appreciate your feedback on the improved system.

Sneak Peek – Menu Animations

While we continue to improve the in-game animation system with bug fixes and overall polish we’ve also updated the main menu and customisation screens, bringing a much needed touch of life by animating your soldier based on their equipped loadout. With multiple animations per loadout, gone are the days of a shell-shocked Mendez giving you the mile-long stare as you prepare for battle.

Please note that not all animations are final and may require some final polish.

HLLSeasonal Competition

It’s not often an event gets a highlight as there are so many to choose from. But this week we wanted to give a shout out to the HLLSeasonal team whom have been tirelessly working on their HLL competition since last year. A quick summary, team list and information links are all below.

We wish them the best of luck in running this Seasonal and may the best team win!

“Hell let Loose provides something very few games can achieve : a shooter that opposes large teams of 50 people, working together in the common goal of defeating their enemies. This large-scale, combined arms combat creates a unique competitive experience, compared to other shooters which usually involve way less players. While not initially designed for competitive play, Hell let Loose proves itself to be a fascinating competitive experience.

16 teams are competing this season to claim the biggest prize in competitive Hell let loose : the Seasonal crown. Coming from all around the globe, those teams vary in levels of experience, skill and competitive history. However, they are all coming into this with the same desire : come first in Seasonal.” –

Some of the teams involved in this season are: CoRe, WTH, FIVE, 116, KRT/OC, 82AD/DC, TC, UFr, ESPT/NPA, ARC/LpF, PBS, FLL, CSP, CNUT, TBGC, WAR

If you want more information the place to go is:

Community Content Creators
As mentioned in last week’s Dev Brief we wanted to expand a little with highlighting some of the great community content that is out there. Here is an ominous sight of an incoming Katyusha strike screencapped by | JaJe and posted in our HLL discord.

Don’t forget that the best place to post your works will be in the Hell Let Loose official Discord. Post your items in the relevant areas if you wish to show something you have done HLL related to both the community and to us for a potential spotlight in our weekly dev brief. The channels to post in are as follows: #hll-guides, #hll-videos, #hll-artwork, #hll-memes and #hll-screenshots accordingly.

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos
Time for some more community highlights from the below creators

We highly recommend giving them a watch.
If you see a Video you like or have made make sure to post in the Discord #hll-videos channel.

Hell Let Loose | Random Moments 6 (NOT ONE STEP BACK) – DarkLiberatorZone

Hell Let Loose – The WW2 German experience (early 2020) – Europa_Teles_BTR

Hell Let Loose – Spectator – Battle Fragments 7 – Tatum

Don’t forget that if you haven’t checked out the other Hell Let Loose socials you should do so. Like our discord you will find them great places for information and community interaction.

Join the Discord here

Our other social platforms can be found here:


Soon we intend to give an insight into some of the larger features as we track towards U11, which we will also be testing in future U11 PTEs. Some players have done well with their ability to guess what these may be, but as for others, only time will tell!

But for now it’s time to wrap up today’s Dev Brief. See you all on the frontline!

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