Developer Briefing #148 – Nameplate Occlusion, Upcoming Uniform Peek!

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Developer Briefing #148 – Nameplate Occlusion, Upcoming Uniform Peek!

Name Plate Occlusion

Again we have been very busy this week with works on Update 11, we are steadily moving closer and closer towards our goals, and while we still have things to complete, all departments are working full steam ahead. We’re eager to unveil the curtain on some of the larger changes coming as they reach their polishing stages.

We are also very excited about the launch of Hell Let Loose on NextGen consoles which took place on the 5th. We have been very humbled by the results we have seen with such awesome community feedback. To stay up to date on all things console make sure to follow us on our socials and jump into the Discord.

Today’s mention on the development front focuses on ‘Nameplate Occlusion’. ‘Nameplate Occlusion’ is when a name plate is hidden by an obstacle. Think of deploying out into the field at the start of a round and seeing all the names and icons of other players filling your screen as you roll out.

We are implementing an option that will allow players to only see the nameplates of players in their direct field of view. So if a friendly player is behind a building, fence or other similar object their name plate will be hidden to you if ‘Nameplate Occlusion’ has been selected in the game options.

As some more similar items to this enter the polishing stage in the coming weeks we will do our best to showcase the results here via our ‘Sneak Peek Of The Week”.

Sneak Peek Of The Week – US 82 Airborne ‘Pathfinder’ Uniform

We have been posting lately some great works by our character, environment and vehicle artists on upcoming items for Hell Let Loose. As these are a snapshot of ’some‘ of the items running through our pipeline we cannot confirm dates, how and when all of these will be implemented in the future.

We think it important to share with the community a small snapshot of some of the behind the scenes workings various departments are doing. As you all may appreciate,

As work progresses on updates for the game, content specialists are often in the spotlight showing off some of these amazing items they are creating for the Hell Let Loose theatres both existing and upcoming. Check out the latest uniform from our character artists below.

US 82 Airborne ‘Pathfinder’ Uniform – Front

US 82 Airborne ‘Pathfinder’ Uniform – Back

US 82 Airborne ‘Pathfinder’ Uniform – Close up of front

Community Content Creators

This amazing fanart pic was posted in our HLL Artwork channel on discord.
Two tanks of the 501st and AFIP regiments belonging to TANGO / Dos blindados de los regimientos 501st y AFIP pertenecientes a TANGO.

Credit to 501st | Capitán Magma.

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos

Time for some more community highlights from the below creators. We highly recommend giving them a watch.

If you see a Video you like make sure to post in the Discord #hll-videos channel.

Best Of Hell Let Loose [September 2021] – The Fresh Baked Goods

New Starter Guide for Hell Let Loose – Terrydactyl Gaming

This Game is Scary Realistic – TBag [Epic Gaming]

Hell Let Loose – Operation M(OP) ep. 01 (subbed) Moe – Moe Savastano

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Well, it’s time to wrap up today’s Dev Brief. See you all on the frontline!

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