Developer Briefing #167 – Patch 17 is LIVE!

The Controlled Chaos

Developer Briefing #167 – Patch 17 is LIVE!

Patch 17 is now Live!

Hey Everyone,

At last Patch 17 is upon us. Over the next few days we look forward to seeing many players new and old alike enjoying the new additions of the Patch. You can check out the full Changelog with all the information below.

With Patch 17 set and sailed the team are now all hands on deck with work on the next big update already well under way.

Chrysallia Van Cheems – Rolling Out

Patch 17 Changelog


Improved mobility of the US M4A1 Sherman Tank
Decreased the rate at which trucks decelerate allowing drivers more control over their speed
Increased the reload duration of the US Jumbo 75mm Sherman and Jumbo 76mm Sherman to 8 seconds


Removed weapon sway when using binoculars
Smoother Tactical Map zooming
Adjusted hedge asset found throughout Carentan, Omaha, PHL, SMDMv2, SME and Utah
Adjusted Nameplate Occlusion fade-out behavior to reduce flickering in object-rich environments such as forests
Players will now be prompted if they attempt to leave a match before XP has been written to the server

Server Administration

[Fixed] Multiple weapons/Vehicles displayed as „None“ on the RCon Admin Log
[Fixed] Multiple weapons have misleading names in the external and internal RCon admin logAdded additional logging for:
End of match including map and score
Start of match including map
Player switching Team
Server kicks for Team Killing
Server tempbans for Team KillingGet Player Info now includes:

Speculative Fixes

[Fixed] During map change players sometimes lose connection or must reselect team
[Fixed] Player sometimes spawns with the level 1 loadout of the role regardless of the selected loadout

Bug Fixes

[Fixed] FG42 bullets land lower than the crosshair
[Fixed] Trucks when ramming objects at speed can glitch their front bumper into the object
[Fixed] A number of client crashes
[Fixed] Remapped Leadership and Unit radio keys lose functionality once the player is in the „You have died“ or the „Deployment“ screen
[Fixed] FG42 x4 is not zeroed when shooting from 100m
[Fixed] Users joining a server mid map change via RCon may get stuck on a locked camera view of the map or a defunct deploy screen
[Fixed] Satchel can’t damage or destroy Enemy Air Supply Drop upon detonation
[Fixed] During climb and vault animations the supplies are spinning in the player hand.
[Fixed] Binoculars scope oddly jumps once when ADS
[Fixed] Receiving an inviterequest while on the deploy screen will block a player from accessing their loadouts.
[Fixed] Artillery experiences desynchronization when turning the gunner and loader at the same time.
[Fixed] Black Circle appears on High FOV when Viewing Russian Snipers in Third Person
[Fixed] A player is unable to return to the deploy screen after dying if there is a unit invite, or invite request, active.
[Fixed] When using the MGs of the Panzer IV tank with a controller, vibration effects are not present
[Fixed] Pink LoDs can be seen on a trench from a distance of ~300m
[Fixed] LoD transition issue present on a tree trunks asset
[Fixed] A crash may occur while using controller and also keyboard/mouse
[Fixed] While holding [SHIFT]+[W]+[SPACEBAR] next to a wall, the player could get locked in a vault start action
[Fixed] The scope crosshair sights on the FG42 x4, Mosin Nagant, and SVT rifles are pixelated
[Fixed] VoIP channels not working after performing Microphone Check.
[Fixed] Inverted Vehicle controls don’t function as expected.
[Fixed] German Supply and Transport Trucks‘ wheels do not have AT Rifle Resistance
[Fixed] Using the dismantle garrison ability after an enemy dismantles the garrison breaks the ability.
[Fixed] Radial damage from Satchels inflicts damage only to the Hull component of vehicles
[Fixed] The Half-Track continuously switches between deployed/undeployed if it’s stuck in a trench
[Fixed] During the Offensive game mode Forward Garrisons don’t produce SFX
[Fixed] The player is unable to join a server through another player or by an invite when using the Steam Overlay
[Fixed] The player cannot join a server via the Steam server list if the game is already open
Using a Steam direct link to join a server will connect to an incorrect server
[Fixed] Half-tracks front wheels do not take the proper damage when shot with Panzershreck and Bazooka
[Fixed] All trucks take reduced damage.
[Fixed] A player is unable to get into US trucks when standing next to the drivers seat.
[Fixed] Lifespan Personal Stats do not record / update when a player dies
[Fixed] The player can lose their in-game experience from a match if they quit after the results screen
[Fixed] The US Half-Track does not receive any damage from the Satchel’s explosion if it’s placed on the front bumper
[Fixed] Revives are not being counted in Scoreboard or for Achievement progression
[Fixed] The Commander and the players that are not in a platoon do not have a specific name displayed when the Streamer Mode is enabled
[Fixed] Bandages Used stat is not updating on the player’s Personal Stats page
[Fixed] The German Half-Track does not receive any damage from the Satchel’s explosion if it’s placed on the MG Shield
[Fixed] Muted unit leaders do not remain muted to players that rejoin the unit
[Fixed] The critical state visual effect overlay flashes to its smallest point after letting go
[Fixed] Center of the crosshair for the FG42 x4 weapon has blurry texture
[Fixed] Constructibles can be built at unusual angles when placed on train tracks
[Fixed] After clicking „No“ on the prompt to Leave Server or Quit Game, the „Exit“, „Leave Server“ and „Quit“ buttons do not function.
[Fixed] US Heavy tanks do not have barrel recoil animation in 1st or 3rd person when being fired
[Fixed] RU AT-Gun has no Reload Animation Montage
[Fixed] Hand of the player is clipping through certain equipment while going prone
[Fixed] Pistols are levitating during the character’s 5th idle animation
[Fixed] The keybindings are not saved after using the „Reset to Defaults“ button within Keybindings and then the player closes the title


[Fixed] Telephone cable clips through the entire map.


[Fixed] Pile of planks and barbed wires has LoD transition issues in multiple locations
[Fixed] Misaligned mudbanks present near trenches in sector D6
[Fixed] Misaligned mudbank present in sector E10
[Fixed] Misaligned mudbanks present near trenches in sector F5
[Fixed] Misaligned mudbanks present in sector F1
[Fixed] Misaligned mudbanks present in sector E1
[Fixed] Misaligned mudbanks present in sector E2
[Fixed] Misaligned mudbank present near trench in sector C6
[Fixed] Misaligned mudbank present near trench
[Fixed] A pair of wooden gates are not connected to any fence
[Fixed] Multiple doorways are not properly connected to their supported fences

St Marie Du Mont

[Fixed] A misaligned rock texture can been seen in a hedge row as well as an invisible barrier
[Fixed] Misaligned terrain on a trench wall
[Fixed] A bucket asset is clipping through a stone well
[Fixed] Player spawned on top of a gate
[Fixed] Mudbank is misaligned with the terrain and players can see under it
[Fixed] Tree asset clipping through a stone fence
[Fixed] Players spawning at middle US HQ can spawn very far away from the vehicles and artillery

Hurtgen Forest

[Fixed] A wooden crate asset is misaligned with the ground
[Fixed] Misaligned terrain texture

Omaha Beach

[Fixed] Noticeable LoD transition on a specific house and a stone fence asset
[Fixed] Noticeable LoD transition on a specific house asset
[Fixed] Black texture issues are visible on a building in sector F6, E7 and C5
[Fixed] Player can get stuck when navigating into a dip in the environment, next to a Trench.
[Fixed] There are multiple floating assets in a warehouse

Utah Beach

[Fixed] Dirt is clipping through the sandbags in multiple trenches
[Fixed] Tank track marks in sand are misaligned from terrain
[Fixed] A house with some visual issues is present in sector G5
[Fixed] Water texture on top of a flooded field is observed to have LOD issues


[Fixed] Multiple clipping issues related to boats are present on the Carentan map.
[Fixed] There is a section of wire fence which is disconnected
[Fixed] There is a section of wire fence which is disconnected
[Fixed] A wooden plank is floating / stuck into a brick road at an unusual angle


[Fixed] Stone wall assets have a large seam between each wall
[Fixed] Sandbag and ground clipping can be observed in a trench

Purple Heart Lane

[Fixed] There is a very low quality LoD transition issue with house assets

Known Issues

The below represents a list of key known issues related to the Patch that are currently being worked on:

Receiving an inviterequest while on the deploy screen will block a player from leaving the loadout menu once it accessed
The text prompt that appears after a player is kicked appears in German
Throwing grenades with poor network conditions can cause the player to become unable to throw that type of grenade

Chrysallia Van Cheems – Staging Area

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos

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Well, it’s time to patch up today’s Dev Brief. See you all on the frontline!

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