Developer Briefing #168 – Patch 17 Hotfix is Live!

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Developer Briefing #168 – Patch 17 Hotfix is Live!

Hey everyone,

As announced last week, we have been planning on releasing a hotfix to address a number of key issues that were identified after the Patch 17 update. Over the last couple of days the team have been hard at work at identifying, replicating and resolving these issues with the wonderful help of your community feedback. Please see below for a list of issues that have been addressed in this hotfix.

[Fixed] Oversized player collision boxes found on new hedge assets
[Fixed] Missing textures found a specific hedge asset
[Fixed] Missing bullet collision found on specific hedge asset
[Fixed] Ability to climb into and hide in hedges on multiple maps
[Fixed] Building asset with broken attic has inaccurate bullet collision
[Fixed] Supply Drops can land on top of the collision boxes of blocked areas in Carentan, SMDM and SME
[Fixed] Satchel can be placed on an invisible collider of German Medium Tank

Bug Fixes
[Fixed] Key bindings do not save after changing them and relaunching the game.
[Fixed] Changing map via RCON causes players to lose mouse functionality if they had the tactical map open when transition occurs
[Fixed] Tank turret can jump slightly when quickly changing direction of movement using Precision Aim

Sneak Peek of the Week!

This image snuck into the Hell Let Loose official discord via the #telegrams channel last week but for those who haven’t been keeping up or are yet to join we hope you are as excited as we are to see this beast of a weapon one step closer to being operational.

“WIP of the M2 HB Browning mounted on a US M3 Half-track”

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos

Time for some more community highlights from the below creators. We highly recommend giving them a watch.
If you see a Video you like make sure to post in the Discord #hll-videos channel.

Hell Let Loose – Meme Moments 2 – Mosh Gaming Hell – Hell Let Loose Clips

The Shroud of Hell Let Loose – Montage #3 – Shaka Zulu


WW2TV Reacts – Hell Let Loose – Omaha Beach – WW2TV

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Well, it’s time to patch up today’s Dev Brief. See you all on the frontline!

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