Developer Briefing #174 – Winter Is Coming!!!!

The Controlled Chaos

Developer Briefing #174 – Winter Is Coming!!!!

Hey Everyone,

The team is still hard at work on all sides, with both update 13 and the Commonwealth update, making some great progress.

In today’s brief, we look at keeping your cool on the frontline in U13 as we take a deep dive into the frosty fields of the new snow map Kharkov and Winter Uniforms to suit. We are also pleased to announce some exciting changes to the existing Winter Warfare Free DLC pack. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

New Map: Kharkov (Winter)

As mentioned above, we have been working hard on the new winter map Kharkov. This map is polishing up great and we are excited to implement another snow map into the game.

Kharkov combines a hybrid of the armour oriented gameplay of Kursk, featuring wide open fields, hills and Stalingrad’s industrial gameplay; including railroads, bridges and Soviet urbanization complimented with deeper valleys, foliage and marshlands all set in a deep winter environment to make this map a unique experience. We feel players will relish the varieties of combat that this new frontline will offer. Let’s take a quick glance at a brief slice of the history of Kharkov in WW2.

The First of four major Battles of Kharkov were fought as part of the final phase of Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the USSR, which had started on 22 June, 1941. During that battle, the German Sixth Army took the important city where the legendary Soviet T-34 tank had been designed and built. Although, it was discovered that most of Kharkov’s industrial plant had been moved before the city fell. Many more bloody battles raged over this area until, finally, after the successful defense at Kursk, the Soviet forces were able to push out Axis troops for the last time.

Set in winter, the Kharkov map should be a welcome addition to the frontline of Hell Let Loose for U13. Let’s take a look at some locations on this map.

Lighting fires in the street is a great way for soldiers to stay warm on the frontlines.

Kharkov will definitely have a very cold feeling to it.

Farmhouses can be a great means of cover, dashing between each one during a firefight will get your blood pumping.

With open fields, treelines, fences, housing and even a railway line, there will be plenty of places for troops and vehicles alike to be moving.

Ruined buildings will make great places to hide from the enemy.

Winter Base Uniforms (All Factions)

With the implementation of more snow maps in Hell Let Loose, we feel it is time that players have a chance to get the appropriate winter uniforms. For U13 there will be a new array of base winter uniforms and helmets to complement the addition of more snow filled maps. These new uniforms are a new standard addition to the game, and will appear in your barracks after the update is live. The uniforms will include the following:

US – M1943 Winter Uniform with M1 Winter Helmet

Germany – Heer SchneetarnJacke Winter Smok with M42 Winter Helmet

Soviet – Ameba Winter Uniform with SSH-40 Winter Helmet

Revamped Winter Warfare DLC

With the addition of Kharkov as a winter map, and new base winter uniforms. We are pleased to announce that the team has undertaken a revamp of the existing ‘Winter Warfare’ Free DLC pack. The revamp will see the removal of the two existing helmets and the inclusion of three new helmets. The existing helmets, which were the white M1 and white M42 from the old Winter Warfare pack; will go into the base uniform selection and be available to all players.

The new helmets for the updated Winter Warfare Free DLC bundle will include:

Covered M1 Winter Helmet

M38 Fallschirmjäger Winter Helmet

SSH-40 Covered Winter Helmet

If you already have the Winter Warfare Free DLC pack, these three new helmets will automatically appear in your barracks to use when the ‘new’ Winter Warfare Free DLC bundle goes live.

Likewise, if you do not already have the Winter Warfare Free DLC pack, keep an eye on our socials and the Steam store, for it will be appearing as a limited time seasonal offer.

Silver Vanguard DLC M42 Helmet inclusion update

Since our announcement of the inclusion of the M42 helmet with goggles to the Silver Vanguard (PC) DLC, we have noticed some people having issues obtaining this new addition. If you cannot see the helmet in your barracks and have the Silver Vanguard DLC on PC, you will need to do the following:

In the Steam Library, Right-Click the game and choose Properties.
Choose DLC at the bottom of the list
Check the box in the Install column next to the M42 with Motorcycle Goggles DLC

Community Content

Something a little different for the ‘Community Content’ in this week’s brief. During his limited free time one of our artists has been able to make a 3d printed model of a HLL asset he created, the M30 Howitzer. The end result looks quite sharp.

In engine render of the 122mm M30 Howitzer

Side view In engine render of the 122mm M30 Howitzer

Rear View of the printed M30 by Fran

Front View of the printed M30 by Fran

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos
Time for some more community highlights from the below creators. We highly recommend giving them a watch.
If you see a Video you like make sure to post in the Discord #hll-videos channel.

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Well, it’s time to warm up and wrap up today’s Dev Brief. See you all on the frontline!

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