Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ – Hotfix Live Now!

The Controlled Chaos

Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ – Hotfix Live Now!

Hey everyone,

We are pleased to announce that a hotfix for Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ is now live. Over the next several weeks our focus will turn to continued optimization, bug fixing and ongoing polish.

For a comprehensive list of changes for this hotfix please read the changelog below.

In future Dev Briefs will be announcing what the next content update will bring, along with parity for console players. This will be a huge milestone for the game and the community as a whole. This means that future updates across platforms will be released at the same or similar time, and allow us to work far more efficiently.

We want to thank the entire community for your ongoing support, and extend this to our own team who work very hard to put out these updates and fixes. We are extremely excited for the future of HLL, and we hope you are too.

See you on the frontline! o7

Hotfix Changelog


Reduced Precision Strike cost from 500 to 250 munitions


Adjusted volume attenuation of the Stuka Siren

Bug Fixes

[Fixed] Vehicles can easily get stuck or struggle to drive over and on train tracks across multiple maps
[Fixed] Flare gun does not reveal the enemy players if the shooter is within in its radius
[Fixed] Soviet Mosin Sniper doesn’t 1 shot kill above 200m
[Fixed] VOIP channel volumes are reset after the map change
[Fixed] Half-Track deployment text fails to update it’s state correctly
[Fixed] The „Back“ button located in Barracks is not functional if the player has the Favorite role selected
[Fixed] The „Welcome to Hell“ achievement does not unlock
[Fixed] The „Commend and Conquer!“ and „War Hero“ achievements are not incremented correctly
[Fixed] The „Iron Cross“ and „Medal of Honor“ achievements are not incremented correctly


[Fixed] Craters have sharp transition and look not up to standard


[Fixed] Town center strongpoint has a closed building, needs a open building

Utah Beach

[Fixed] Hedge Collision is extending in E6


[Fixed] Tanks can get stuck on the train tracks near and on the bridge
[Fixed] Players can not walk in first floor of bridge tower when barbed wires are placed
[Fixed] Cliff missing collision allowing vehicles to hide
[Fixed] Embankment in H4 is floating
[Fixed] Location with Soviet graffiti on walls
[Fixed] Players are able to spawn inside of the bridge tower walls
[Fixed] Garden in C9 has open garden, trapping players inside unable to get out
[Fixed] Road texture is stretched in E2

Known Key Issues

– Some assets are known to be switching LoDs at shorter distances than intended. In future updates we will be looking to improve these visually

– Steam server browser and direct connect links fail to connect to the server if the game isn’t already running

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