Update 13 ‚Burning Snow‘ – Hotfix Live Now!

The Controlled Chaos

Update 13 ‚Burning Snow‘ – Hotfix Live Now!

Hey everyone,

A hotfix for Update 13 ‚Burning Snow‘ is now live! We are very grateful to the community for continuing to submit feedback and share their experience with Update 13.

For a comprehensive list of changes for this hotfix, please read the changelog below.

Hotfix Changelog

Increased Flamethrower damage so that players will now be killed faster when in the direct line of fire. This aims to address feedback from the community surrounding players getting hit with a Flamethrower and having too much time to fire back and kill the wielder.

We have also increased ground fire for both Flamethrowers and Molotovs from 40 to 80 to address feedback around fire not resulting in kills as quickly as expected.

Bug Fixes
[Fixed] Players can unlock the achievement „Rollin‘ In The Jeep“ via incorrect methods
[Fixed] M40 Winter Coat looking the same as M43 Winter Coat
[Fixed] Steady aiming with the Panzerschreck causes it to disappear
[Fixed] Garrisons placed by Recon can’t be used by any other unit
[Fixed] Using ammunition boxes causes character models to T-Pose
[Fixed] Swapping from the Flamethrower / MG to any item while continuously walking causes the character to T-Pose

[Fixed] Some trees collided with vehicles and often launched them into the air
[Fixed] The wooden fences disappear when viewed from around 100m
[Fixed] Stones have no collision with the player and bullets
[Fixed] Pile of snow has no collision with the player
[Fixed] Electricity poles do not present any type of collision
[Fixed] No bullet collision is present on a well asset
[Fixed] Players can reach the church back roof by climbing a wall with no collision
[Fixed] Invisible floating collision present in the roof area of the church
[Fixed] „Your team is losing a Critical Sector!“ hint appears when first capture point is attacked
[Fixed] A gate presents an invisible collision box
[Fixed] Destroyed Tank Wreck Has No Bullet Collision
[Fixed] Snowy mud assets throughout map (on trenches, fences, and more) is visibly low res and pixelated
[Fixed] Players can reach the church front balcony via the roof area of the church
[Fixed] Two columns in the church are missing a texture
[Fixed] Misaligned snowbank present on a hill
[Fixed] Inside the church there is floating terrain that the player can stand on top of
[Fixed] A fence is floating above the terrain
[Fixed] Train wagon is clipping through the rocks
[Fixed] Misaligned stone asset can be found in some sectors

All Maps
Rebuilt HLODs for all maps

Known Issues

– Players may crash when loading into any variant of the map Kursk
– German Machine Guns disappear while mounted and ADSing at specific angles

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Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on their experience with Update 13 and provided detailed accounts of the issues encountered. It has greatly helped shape these fixes.

Now that you won’t be able to hide in rocks anymore, we’ll see you all on the frontline!

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